Niko Teriyaki in Redmond

Niko Teriyaki in Redmond

When you think of Japanese cuisine, it’s easy to remember sushi and rice bowls. However, there’s a much larger range of plates that you can enjoy, especially at Niko Teriyaki in Redmond. Why worry about raw fish when you can enjoy a bowl of steamy and rich pork ramen, or perhaps a platter of rich chicken teriyaki? Our luxury apartments at Alexan Central Park give you a wide assortment of foods to try right from your home, so feel free to expand your palate and indulge yourself with some friends and family.

Niko Teriyaki

Niko Teriyaki is a local casual restaurant that features a tasty selection of Japan’s most iconic hot plates, highly rated on Google for its authentic flavors and relaxed environment. Best of all, it’s located only a fifth of a mile from our luxury apartments, so you can cut back on gas emissions and walk to their front doors in just five minutes.

Terrific Teriyaki, Ramen, and Stir-Fry

Their expansive lunch and dinner menu caters to all appetites and diets. Warm yourself up against a rainy afternoon by slurping a bowl of wonton soup or tempura udon. Savor their classic chicken or pork teriyaki, or make it a Niko combo by adding a side of shrimp tempura or eggrolls. Finally, they offer lunch specials throughout the week, perfect for those who want to dine on a budget.

Redmond Faves

But Niko Teriyaki isn’t the only local fave you can enjoy when you live at Alexan Central Park. Check out other flavors in your new neighborhood your first weekend in Redmond. Now is the best time to upgrade your list of favorite foods and explore new cultures.

Grab your chopsticks and indulge in Japanese comfort food near Alexan Central Park. Check out our Redmond luxury apartments and Niko Teriyaki today.