Your Downtime Deserves an Upgrade

Your Downtime Deserves an Upgrade

Finding pure bliss starts by choosing a luxury apartment home packed with luxury apartment features you love. Your downtime deserves an upgrade, so make your move to Alexan Central Park in Redmond, Washington. Pick the apartment home that is right for you. You can trust you will enjoy every stylish finish and amenity you will find. Spend your downtime relaxing comfortably or hosting your friends. You have space. When you aren’t living it up in Redmond, you can always dive into relaxing, indoor, and outdoor community amenities for an entertaining weekend. Start living the lifestyle you crave only at Alexan Central Park.

Downtime Upgrade

How much was convenience in your last luxury experience? Here it starts with a keyless entry and a mudroom. Kick your shoes off and...

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A14 one bed/one bath floorplan - Live the Lifestyle You Deserve

Live the Lifestyle You Deserve

Picking the right luxury apartment home is the first step to live the lifestyle you deserve. Find your slice of happiness in the A14 one bed/one bath only at Alexan Central Park. Opening in January 2021, but pre-leasing soon, start making your plans to move towards bliss. You can find plenty of space with seven hundred-three square feet of living space to relax over a long weekend or have...

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tandoori mixed grill - pic by Erin R. on Yelp - Kanishka Cuisine of India Near Alexan Central Park

Kanishka Cuisine of India Near Alexan Central Park

What will you discover in your first week of living at Alexan Central Park, luxury apartment homes in Redmond, Washington? When hunger puts you on the prowl, nothing satisfies like Kanishka Cuisine of India near...

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Coworking space at Alexan Central Park - Imagine Your Ideal Weekend

Imagine Your Ideal Weekend

What do you see when you imagine your ideal weekend? If it looks anything close to your best vacation ever, you are in luck. Dive into exciting indoor and outdoor community amenities at Alexan Central Park. Opening in January of 2021 but pre-leasing soon, you’ll get your chance to see what an improvement the right luxury apartment home can make in your life. See what Redmond, Washington...

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Luxury apartment home with gourmet kitchen at Alexan Central Park - Settle into Pure Bliss

Settle into Pure Bliss

Isn’t it time you started living the comfortable lifestyle you deserve? Settle into pure bliss at Alexan Central Park, luxury apartment homes in Redmond, Washington. See how nice premium apartment features make moving to a new city. Redmond has a rhythm all its own. Have an adventure. Upscale dining and shopping are never far away when you live at Alexan Central Park. Come home to fun...

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